API Information for ExpediChem

For the Enterprise Edition and on prem version of ExpediChem please see our postman documentation


You can submit chemical structures for HS coding via our REST webservices, Knime Nodes and Pipeline Pilot Components

You simply send a list of SMILES or INCHI strings ‘FileContent’ as part of the body of the REST call, then poll the webservice for a completed response. You can then download the results as either xml, sdf, json or .txt files. You can assign your own ID (e.g COMP-1234) along with the SMILES or INCHI string by including it after the string e.g 

Cc1[nH]c(cc1C(=O)Nc2ccccc2)c3ccccc3 Comp-1234

Any results returned will then also include the Comp-1234 ID.

If you do not specify a specific HTS Schedule, the service will check all the Schedules you have licensed. Alternatively, you can specify the specific schedule by specifying them in selectedSchedules: These include US_Import, US_Export, EU_HS, CN_HS, UK_GT and CH_HS

You may submit up to 1000 compounds per call, with responses expected within 5 minutes for 1000 compounds depending on the countries selected and input chemistry complexity.

If you need to determine the HS code for more than one compound it is highly recommended that you batch compounds rather than sending them one at a time. ExpediChem is far more efficient like this and you cannot start a new call until the previous completes or errors.

You can perform checks on as many compounds as your ExpediChem agreement allows you to check in given time period, or for which you have purchased credits for. When this limit is reached the webservice will complete and return the Response code that no further checks are possible

Please see our POSTMAN documentation and examples. From this you can generate the code for cURL, Jquery, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP and Go. You can also download the example calls created by Scitegrity by pressing the orange ’Run in Postman’ button in the top left-hand corner of the documentation page (this requires the POSTMAN client to be installed). We also have a Pipeline Pilot component that can be used to call the service from within Pipeline Pilot and a KNIME node/workflow.