Why Chemical Compliance Software is Essential

Chemical compliance is essential for any company that manufactures, imports, distributes or retails chemical products. The regulations in place, such as TSCA in the US, REACH in Europe, and globally PIC Rotterdam convention and Montreal convention on ozone-depleting chemicals, aim to ensure that chemicals are safe in consumer products and limit their negative impacts on the environment. At the same time, legislation such as controlled drugs, dual military use, strategic export controls, and the chemical weapons convention regulates the supply of chemicals and their precursors, which could have illicit and legal uses. 

Beyond posing a risk to human and environmental health, non-compliance with these regulations can result in financial penalties, legal action, imprisonment, and irrecoverable loss of reputation. Ensuring compliance is, therefore, absolutely imperative. 

Software solutions are ideal for managing and streamlining the chemical compliance process, as they can help companies track and analyse data, manage risk assessments, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Chemical compliance services are also available to help companies meet their compliance obligations and reduce risks associated with their products.

Understanding Regulatory Compliance

Chemical compliance is a complex process that involves assessing and managing risks associated with chemicals to ensure that they meet quality, safety, sustainability, and performance standards established by regulatory bodies. It is critical to ensure that products and services provided by companies in the chemical supply chain are of high quality and do not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment.

Maintaining regulatory compliance can be a time-consuming and complicated process, especially as regulations differ across the world and large amounts of chemical data must be managed. However, chemical compliance software can simplify these complex processes by providing a centralised platform for managing chemical inventories, compliance, and reports. 

Features of Chemical Compliance Software

Chemical compliance software has many valuable features essential for companies that handle chemicals. The software was designed to support companies in managing their chemical inventory and remaining compliant while providing services to other organisations. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Identifying if a chemical is regulated
  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Chemical Labelling
  • Reporting
  • SDS Management
  • Training and Education

Identifying if a chemical is regulated

The most challenging aspect of chemical compliance is knowing whether and how a chemical is regulated. Legislation is complex and varied, often controlling classes of chemicals with similar properties, not just the few named examples listed. If and how a chemical is regulated also differs between countries. Using chemical compliance software such as Controlled Substances Squared allows you to easily, automatically and routinely check if all your chemicals for their regulated status.

Chemical Inventory Management

Using chemical compliance software can help companies keep track of an organisation’s chemical inventory, including expiry dates, locations, and quantities of each chemical. Inventory management software can also monitor the entire process of obtaining, organising, and monitoring chemicals from procurement to disposal.

Chemical Labeling

Labeling chemicals correctly is vital for any company as the risk of error can be significantly damaging. Chemical compliance software can print labels that meet regulatory requirements and helps maintain safety levels.


Companies highly regard the reporting features of chemical compliance software as they can help monitor and maintain compliance requirements, as well as identify areas for improvement. Chemical regulations, inventory, and other product details can be provided on a single screen and printed if necessary.

SDS Management

Safety data sheets (SDS) contain important details about each chemical, including its properties and dangers. Using chemical compliance software means that employees can quickly access these details and be informed about storing and handling products safely. Scitegrity’s chemical safety tool, DG Assessor, can help with the authoring of SDS by assessing potential safety risks with a chemical.

Benefits of Chemical Compliance Software

Chemical compliance software solutions offer a range of benefits to any organisation that works with chemicals. From cost-savings to risk mitigation, an essential tool such as compliance software will bring compliance documents, inventory management, and reporting into a central location for easy access and regulatory compliance.


Chemical compliance software helps chemical companies comply with the legal requirements and safety standards in chemical handling. As a result, hefty fines, legal penalties, and other costs can be avoided.

Data management

Any chemical management and compliance data can be centralised, providing easy access to crucial information. As a result, companies can quickly check their compliance, product information, and hazards and use the data to make informed business decisions.

Enhanced safety

The compliance software will monitor any potential regulatory issues or safety hazards, which will help companies reduce the risk of non-compliance or any chemical-related accidents. Overall, this software helps to keep employees, employers, and clients safe.

Increased Efficiency

Using chemical compliance software can increase company productivity by streamlining chemical management processes, reducing the risk of accidents or non-compliance, and removing the need to manage these manually. Employees can focus on other jobs that cannot be managed by software.

Scitegrity: Chemical Compliance Software

Scitegrity was founded by former drug discovery scientists and data managers to provide chemical regulation solutions for scientific workers worldwide. Our chemical compliance software is used by 5 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies globally at the Enterprise level. It supports the work of R&D chemists, business development officers, chemical suppliers, compliance officers, forensic laboratories, scientists, and many others in the field.

Controlled Substances Squared

Scitegrity’s chemical regulation software system, Controlled Substances Squared, was designed to support scientists and those working with chemicals. Our system lets you check if and where a specific chemical is regulated or controlled, along with all its legislative requirements. It is an easy-to-use system that covers over 28 countries' legislation on controlled drugs, dual and military use chemicals, ozone depleting, PIC/Rotterdam, precursor chemicals, and more, allowing you to assess tens of thousands of chemicals, even proprietary ones, in a few minutes.

DG Assessor

Scitegrity’s chemical safety tool, DG Assessor, can predict if a chemical is potentially explosive, energetic, or self-reactive. Designed for and by Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA’s) and process safety chemists to improve the identification of at-risk chemicals, especially in R&D.


Scitegrity’s ExpediChem software tool can give you the HS or Commodity code for a chemical, allowing for the smooth and correct shipping of chemicals internationally.


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