May 2022 Controlled Drug legislation round up

flagsMay continues to see controlled drug law updates with several adding or rescheduling existing substances and updating there lists of controlled substances



Below is a brief summary and highlights of some of the countries we monitor and encode in Controlled Substances Squared to allow you to easily check if you chemicals are regulated  or controlled


This new amendment includes two substances listed in the previous legislation update of Brazil, due to enter force on 2nd May 2022. There is also another substance listed in this latest amendment, known as 5F-AB-PFUPPYCA and this control is effected the day of publication, which is 28th April 2022. All three substances are registered in Controlled Substances Squared.



This amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Regulations places ten substances into Schedule 1 and five substances into Schedule 4 Part 1. These substances have beenregistered in Controlled Substances Squared.



This amendment is a major change to the Taiwan controlled substance listings with over 300 additional individual substances coming under control. In many cases certain positional isomers are also controlled. These substances have been registered in Controlled Substances Squared.



This amendment to the Belgian controlled substances makes the following changes; ISOTONITAZENE inserted into IA (moved from IIC) CUMYL-PEGACLONE inserted into IIB MDMB-4EN-PINACA inserted into IIB 3-METHOXYPHENCYCLIDINE inserted into IIB (moved from IVB) DIPHENIDINE inserted into IIB (moved from IVB) 4F-MDMB-BICA inserted into IIC CLONAZOLAM inserted into III DICLAZEPAM inserted into III FLUBROMAZOLAM inserted into III AMT (alpha-METHYLTRYPTAMINE) inserted into IVB DESCHLOROKETAMINE inserted into IVB DESCHLORO-N-ETHYL-KETAMINE inserted into IVB DIMETHOCAINE inserted into IVB 5F-EDMB-PICA inserted into IVB 5-FLUORO MPP-PICA inserted into IVB HYDROXYPHENCYCLIDINE inserted into IVB METIZOLAM inserted into IVB METHOXPROPAMINE inserted into IVB PYRAZOLAM inserted into IVB

These substances have been registered in Controlled Substances Squared.



Do you want to be able to easily and automatically check if your chemicals are controlled and regulated - even for novel and propriatory chemicals - then you need Controlled Substances Squared.