Calling all Controlled Substance Colleagues

Controlled Substance Working Group



The Controlled Substances team at Pfizer has asked Scitegrity to help support and publicise a new cross industry working group they are setting up for those involved with Controlled Substances.

If you are interested in learning more or joining please get in contact via the link at the bottom of this page.


"We are looking for interested people to help build a network of Controlled Substance SME’s across the EMEA region. This working group would allow for the sharing of  non-proprietary information across companies such as inspection experiences, emerging regulatory trends and best practices. This group is open to people in CS R&D, Manufacturing, Testing, Storage and Distribution and once we establish the expertise within the group we can structure it to suit the participants.

We feel that this sharing of knowledge and experience would allow companies to enhance their current controlled substance procedures, become aware of changing regulatory expectations in a more timely manner and enhance overall controlled substance compliance.


We are planning a virtual kick off for February 2024, if you are interested please submit your information at the link below:"


Controlled Substance Working Group


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