January regulatory highlights…


January regulatory highlights…

After a quiet few months, December was a busy month for legislators updating and enacting new controlled drug legislation, despite covid-19 and lockdowns. 

At the European level 24 new substances have been add to the European Dual Use legislation, while Trimethylolethane trinitrate was a rare example of something being removed from control.

Switzerland added 12 new substances and 2 generic statements to their narcotics and psychotropic substances lists. See - https://bit.ly/3sFGyv5

The generic statements control areas of chemical space and are designed to bring under control chemicals likely to be synthetic cannabinoids or tryptamines. As with all generic statements Scitegrity encoded and checked the impact against 11 million commercially available chemicals. Our analysis shows the impact was relatively small, adding a few thousand more substances to control within Switzerland beyond existing swiss controls for these chemical classes.

While in the USA, the DEA is proposing removing Samidorphan from control, but adding 3 new substances often used in the manufacture of MDMA

The UK government is also asking for feedback on a proposed new generic control on Fentanyl precursors. Scitegrity will be working with our clients to understand the likely impact of this. See https://bit.ly/360dWmm

All this legislation and more has been encoded within Controlled Substances Squared allowing uses to easily check there chemicals for compliance