Class-Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances

DEA logoClass-Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances

The US Government Accountability Office has published a report into the Class-Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances. It includes an analysis on the impacts to research ahead of the expiry and likely renewal of the temporary Class-Wide Scheduling in May.

In May 2020, Scitegrity, along with several of our clients and through the Pistoia Alliance, took part in a study being conducted by US Government Accountability Office, looking into the impact of the Class-Wide Scheduling of Fentanyl-Related Substances via generic statements in the United States. We were able to our experience and expertise in the implementation and impacts of class wide scheduling within research globally (for example read our efforts in the UK on this) to help provide high quality insights. The GAO have now published their full report and decided to base it on the responses of 11 organisations, of which the Pistoia Alliance and PhRMAs responses were chosen to represent Pharmaceutical research.  The details of the report have now been passed to congressional committees to consider in advance of the expiry or renewal of the existing temporary Fentanyl class wide scheduling in May 2021.